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Are you ready for an EPIC ADVENTURE where Lunchables with 100% Juice and your favorite Roblox games come together?

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Limited UGC (Avatar Items)

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In-Game Pets

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Lunch Points unlock EPIC Limiteds and upgradable pets that will join you on your adventure in our Playables Experience on Roblox!

Because we love you, you can use the code 'LovePlayables' in the Playables Experience code menu to receive 2,222 Lunch Points. The code can only be used once per user from Thursday, February 1st - Thursday, February 29th.

Collecting Lunch Points is easy:

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01.Scan QR Code on pack

Your device’s camera can unlock Lunch Points and start collecting!

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02.Play with AR Playables

Get Lunch Points while having a blast!

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03.Visit Playables on Roblox

Explore different games to collect even more Lunch Points!

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Augmented Reality Games
Let the fun begin!

Play games and Collect star icon Lunch Points every day! Remember to use the special code in Playables on Roblox for even more fun!

Kids need to ask parents to use device’s camera.


01.Lunchaband Jam

You can create your own music and magically bring it to life!

02.Launch A Rocket

Build a rocket and see
if it will launch!

03.Build Your Character

Build a character and show off your dance moves together!

04.Design Your Lunchahat

Create your own hat,
then show it off in AR!

05.Build A Racer

Build a racer & collect as many food items as you can!

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unleash the fun!

If you visit Playables on Roblox, you get awesome pets to give boosts in select games! Lunch Points get you limited edition avatar items or upgrades your pet for stronger boosts!

How will you use your Lunch Points?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rewards?

You can use your Lunch Points to get Limited UGC (avatar items) or upgrade your pet that grants you boosts in select games on Roblox.

Reward Points

You can collect up to 3,000 Lunch Points each day.
If you max out on your daily points, you can collect more tomorrow.

How long does this last?

We will have new content until March. You can come back to our Playables experience on Roblox to check out what is new!